Georgia 2018




We live in the most modern world with all the unthinkable comfort, but what we want to see are ancient places, silent sites, pure nature.

Georgia is still a place where something can be discover, where the authenticity of the people and the environment are still visible and touchable.

Last year the Svaneti area astounded us incredibly, so we chose it for this is year’s ski-tour. The base will be Mestia, a nice village surrounded by majestic mountains that we will ski for a couple of days. After we will move up to Ushguli, one of the highest villages in Europe and one of the most representative of the Svaneti region.

After amazing ski days we will move to Tblisi, a developing beautiful city which hides unforgettable memories of a closer past. Just behind a corner you might find two focused chess players or a group of granmas selling sunflowers seeds.

We will fly back home, hopefully with memories as amazing as those we are carrying from last year.




Period: End of March – Beginning of April (depending on the flights’ prices)


-8 nights, 5/6 days mountaineering skiing

-Flight from Venice to Batumi (through Istanbul) and back from Tblisi to Venice.

-Transfer from Batumi to Mestia (about 5 hours)

-3 days mountaineering skiing in Mestia surroundings

-Transfer to Ushguli and accomodation for 2 days. Mountaineering ski in the wildest place of Svaneti Region.

-Back to Mestia and overnight stay.

-Transfer to Tblisi by “marshrutka”

-Accomodation for 2 days in Tblisi and back to Venice.



Difficulty: medium

Even though there are no big technical difficulties, it is necessary to have good training conditions, because of the high altitude of the tours.




Stay TUNED for the details!